Müller-Mitteltal KA-TA-R 14,4, 3-S-Kipper, Blatt, Rampen

The price is set up at the amount of 14500 Euro.

All the offers in the stock of MÜLLER MITTELTAL low loader trailer are up-to-date as well as in good shape.

Eschen Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH offers excellent transport solutions for business and individual needs.

The year of production is 2013.

Gross weight: 14400 kg.

Wheel formula and suspension type: 2-axle, ABS.

Body dimensions and options: loading length: 5000 mm, loading width: 2420 mm, loading height: 600 mm, loading volume: 7.00 m³.

Payload: 10950 kg.

The parking site is in Germany.

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